10 Dec 2017

Advent Calender Bag from Farbenmix - Day 4 to 9

Over the last 5 days I was so busy getting all my presents and christmas cards ready, that I missed posting my progress with the advent calender bag.

Here are some pictures of the bag in progress:

Day 5 - sides and bottom:

Day 6 - decorating the outer bag panel. I added a special zipper pocket form some ancient looking fabric corresponding with the main fabric.

Day 7 + 8 - outer bag and lining bag

Day 9 - decorating the flap. 

4 Dec 2017

Giveaway for all art lovers

Today Jeanne Oliver is having a geat give away on her new website

3 Dec 2017

Advent Calender Bag from Farbenmix - Day 3

Now it is starting to get interesting -- day 3.
Today was mainly cutting the body parts of the bag - and of course a little embellishment.
Instead of embellishing the bag part of the bag as suggested, I added a little zipper pocket made of a scrap of fabric with a ancient theme that fits well with my fabric.

2 Dec 2017

Advent Calender Bag from Farbenmix - Day 2

I found some microfiber fabric that seems just right for the outside of my bag. That was the task for today and doing a little bit of sewing to attache the pocket from yesterday to the lining.

21 May 2017

Sewing weekend

I just finished my first jersey dress.

The pattern is Carol from pattydoo https://www.pattydoo.de/schnittmuster/sweatkleid-carol

 I altered the dress slightly adding piping and some more decorative stichting around the neckline.

18 Feb 2017

Wanderlust 2017

I took the chance and joint Wanderlust 2017 #wanderlustclass

There is so much to learn and to explore - so I am working on several courses and art journal pages at the same time.

I have still not finished my collage from week 1 so I added some of the floral paintings from this week:

Looking forward to where the journey is taking me over the next month.