31 Jan 2016

January Tag of the Month

This years "Tag of the Month" by Tim Holtz is a remix of ideas and techniques form former tags of the month - what a great idea!!
It is the last day of January and I finally managed to get my tag ready:

As I sewing addict I used a sewing/fashion theme for my tag this month.

To add a little bit of a "textily" texture to the backgroud I painted it with white gesso mixed with some black acrylic paint. The same acrylic paint was then applied to a piece of burlap and rubbed of on the painted background. I like this technique very much and as you can see the burlap piece is well used.

For Chalkboard Technique I used a silicone stamp  together with Pearly embossing powder (both from Paper Poetry) on black card stock. The chalk worked very well on this even the tiny details of the stamp came out bright and clear. As Tim suggested in his post I teared off the edges.

 The Industrious Metal Technique was a little bit more challenging. I like using material that is available easily or already at hand e.g. household items.
In my stash of tapes I found this metal tape, but I have no idea of the original purpose.

 Embossing directly on the tape did not work very well - the tape got some holes an I could not remove the backing.
So for the next try I added the tape to the tag which worked much better. I have used an embossing folder from cuttlebug (CB Emboss Art Deco). Because I accidentally ripped the tag I had to make a new background to which I attached the remaining embossed background.
For the Industrious Look I added "Midnight Black" Multisurface Chalk Ink form VersaMagic.

Together with the stamped and chalked dress form the tag looked somehow naked.
So I added a little bit of "stiching" - I learned this technique from Vicky from "Clips and Cuts", which she used in her latest art journal page.
The final touches were added with some rubbings and sparkles and the word Mode (Fashion).

I like to read your comments and perhaps see you next month again!

16 Jan 2016

Bag of the month - January

I am never really satisfied with my bags: some are to big some to small. There are items missing. They have no dividers at all or to many or those which don't fit any of my devices.
Sewing my own perfect bag should be the solution.
I have ordered the CD "Taschenspieler II - 12 Taschen und alle Tricks" (Playing with bags II - Bags and all tricks) from farbenmix.
Because there are 12 bags to sew that would be an ideal bag of the month project.
I have started with the "Krempeltasche" (turn around bag).

I have sewn the version with the snap pocket instead of the zipper pocket for quite a simple reason: the bag was a birthday present and I could not get a long enough zipper in the right colour in time. In the photo above you can see the front with the pocket. 

Here is the backside without a pocket. I also skipped the big patch because I did not want so much of the original fabric covered. The fabric is a textile oilcloth from one of my favorite fabric stores "Stoff und Stil" unfortunately this specific fabric is not available in the online store. First I had some concerns sewing on oilcloth with a regular sewing foot. But this special textile oilcloth worked very well with my Bernina 1090.

For the inside I used a scrap from a scrapbag I bought from "Stoff and Still" that had the same colours as the outside fabric. Here you can see the zipper sewn in. The instruction said to buy a 65 cm zipper. But a 60 cm zipper would have been quite enough. I had to cut off over 5 cm.

Here is a close-up of the turned in version of the bag. I had some problems getting everything in and looking smooth.

And here the view from the backside. Because my fabric is a little bit thicker I had problems turning everything in. If you like sewing the variation of the bag double check the position of the snaps - I have used Kamp Snaps - before you put them on.