31 Mar 2016

Bag of the month - March

And on the last day of the month here is my third bag from the "Taschenspieler II - 12 Taschen und alle Tricks" (Playing with bags II - Bags and all tricks):

This month I choose the Markttasche (Market bag) and like the last two bags this was a present too.

All fabrics and notions came from my stash - some were leftovers form previous projects.

The black and white fabrics for the outside would have looked a little dull. So I pimped them up with a mulitcoloured fabric (from Barbaras Regenbogen one of my favourite fabric stores) for the lining and a lacy zipper in hot pink.
I also used machine embroidery thread in hot pink:

On the picture above you can see some ribbon that I used to cover the edges and  the bottom of the bag reinforced with a heavy stabilizer.

The multicoloured fabric for the lining added a nice touch to this bag with has a vintage look for me.

And here is a picture of the finished bag - I hope it will be used very often.

March Tag of the Month - Wings of Spring

This month's tag from Tim Holtz "12 tags of 2016" was really fun. I used a lot of left overs from previous projects - just as I like it.
For the second technique of this month "Dimensional Dies" I used a tag I made as an example in my first paper craft class at Craftsy "Inventive Ink : Colorful Mixed Media Effects" with Marjie Kemper. So instead of the method Tim Holtz used for his tag colouring it after cutting out the design I used a pre-coloured tag.

I used some of the dies that came in the package when I got my Sizzix Big Shot machine  in the Starter Kit (I could not find any brand name on the package).

What a surprise but the flower "dropped out of the picture".  So I had to glue it in again - without it really looked a little bit lost for me.

So far I like this tag very much.
For the first technique "Textured Surfaces" I cut up a box  from the waste paper stash.

After peeling away some of the top paper layer I used a Bigz L from Sizzix 660515 "Everyday Essentials" that was also included in my Starter Kit.

The distressed look and feel of the cardboard was a little bit flattend after the die cutting. For colouring the cardboard I used some of my Distressed Ink pads in various shades fo blue and green.

After adding some splashes of Dylusions Ink Spray in blue and green the upper layer of my tag looked almost ready.

There was still a problem:  the cardboard did not cover the whole tag, because of the neighboring cut. So I rounded the egde and first added the wings - also a leftover from a previous project.

Still with only the wings it looked unfinished - but "as time flys by especcially in spring" the leftover clock was just what it needed to be complete.
The clock was die cut form adhesive tape in silver - but after the die cutting I was not able to remove the background of the tape it was pressed so tight to the adhesive.

1 Mar 2016

Bag of the month - February

Here is my second bag from the "Taschenspieler II - 12 Taschen und alle Tricks" (Playing with bags II - Bags and all tricks) and as last month this bag is a present.
This month I choose the "Ordnungshelfer"  (organizer). 
Because the bag has a lot of zippers I choose the first from my stash and the added fabrics and trims and notions - and that's the selection I came up with:

I love working from my stash and using leftovers from other projects or even discarded clothing or linen. The fabric for the lining (that blue-grey one the the white circles) is a leftover piece from the fabric I used as a backside for my quilt "Endless" which you can see in the Quilt-Gallery.
I made some alterations to the original pattern:

1. the inside pockets

Instead of sewing the pocket with the raw edge exposed to the lining and then covering the seam up with some trim, I sew it on with a "real seam", starting with sewing the flap to the lining with the right side facing down, then flipping it up and securing the seam with a second row of stitches.

2. the outside zippers

Because I could only find 3 matching zippers I replaced two of the five recommended zippers with Druckerband (ribbon with snaps) from 

Sewing the zippers was quite easy with the directions given on the CD. The only thing I was struggeling with was measuring the distance between the zipper endings. So I just put everything on my cutting mat:

 3. a little extra pocket

to pimp my bag a little bit more I added a little extra pocket on the outside made of an Afghan embroidery from the  Deutsch-Afghanische Initiative (German-Afghan Initiative, abbreviated DAI): 

I love the outcome of this bag very much - really thinking of keeping it for myself. Here you can see the inside of the finished bag.

Love to here from you - Enjoy sewing and crafting!