31 May 2016

Bag of the month - May - Calla Convertible backpack

This month's bag is very special. Once again I did not stick to my plan to make a "Taschenspieler" bag every month.
To show some ideas how to use embroidery projects form Afghanistan I made this bag out of fabrics and faux leather from my stash.

The pattern is from blue calla patterns the Calla Convertible backpack.

The pink faux leather was a bit challenging especially for the long straps. Ironing was out of question - I tried that with a small scrap and ended with a pink and sticky iron. Cleaning that took quite some time.
So I just draw a line in the middle of the reverse side and folded the long ends over.

After securing these with small seam I folded it in halfs again and voila:

 The rest of the bag was easy with this great pattern.
Here are two snapshot of the inner bag:

And here two options for the straps and the backside.

 Can't wait to wear that bag!

May Tag of the Month - Dress up!

This month "Tag of the Month" from Tim Holtz combined two very interesting technuiques: Tape Resist and Tattered Florals.
I love this Tape Resist technique:

Although I had only one tissue tape (that one in the picture above with little golden stars - perhaps a leftover from christmas) that really worked with my stamps. You can see that tape "in action" on the left tag. I also tried a checkerboard tape on the right tag, but that did not work so well with the stamps. I used the same stamp that I used for my January tag of the month.

 Colouring and adding the molding paste was a lot of fun. Here are two close-ups of both tags:

I had a little bit more trouble with the tattered florals. I have no quilling tool and all other option like sticks did not work.
So I decided to take inspiration only from the word tattered.
I choose an old hymnbook and pulled of some pages and cut some lace with a border die.

First I wanted to fold flowers out of this lacy paper strips but they turned out quite fragile.
So I only added this laces radomly on both tags.

 Can't decide which I like best.