19 Jul 2016

JulyTag of the Month - Another Birthday Card

Special occasions need a special card.
This month I made a birthday card for a 25th birthday using the techniques Tim Holtz showed in his "12 tags of 2016"

For the first technique "Water colour resist" I stamped on a scrap of brown paper, leftover from a paper bag.

The printing hag gone well, but the micor glaze and the watercolour made the whole thing a little bit ripply. The edge were tried with a special scissor.

I had to alter the second technique "Layered Words" a little bit, because I had no proper die cut for the second layer.

So I die cut a little tag, that I embellished with embossed words.

The tag was attached with a little clip. To cover-up the clip I created a second paper and clued it to the inner side of the card.

I love the colours!

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